Elisa Vázquez de Gey

Fotografía de Elisa Vázquez de Gey

© Xosé Reigosa    

I usually write at night, but my dark circles are a gift from nature.

At first I had scuffles with poetry, literary criticism and pedagogy. A good hunter, in bookstores of eldery, will find my works. No longer.

My assorted inherintance: as the teacher I was, I remain curious to discover what others know; from my grandma's the smile and the storytelling; from my homeland the hidden meanings.

Have I told you I am the author of biography and historical novel? I am amazed by extraordinary lives, by remarkable profiles.

Three unique women lent me their stories: Ana Delgado Princess of Kapurthala, Misterio del Cobre, African in the colonial Habana and Ada Falcón the diva of the Argentinian tango. Obviously, the three of them manage my life. Characters are the most precious of an author.

I live in Lugo. My old city is over two thousand years and its pretty well preserved. Who could say the same!